Beskid Divers Center organizes the exploration of wrecks at our local seaside. This includes recreational and technical dives on all wrecks available in the Baltic Sea. Depending on the site we go on a zodiac or a dive boat.

Exploration from Hel:


Kanonierka 30m60
Trałowiec 38m60
Abilla 46m60
Bryza 20m50
Wicher 5-10m60
Franken 70m500


Exploration from Jastarnia:


Groźny 18m60
Malutka 30m60
Delfin 20m70
Kuter 12m60
Kuter głęboki 30m60

Seagoing diving expeditions

In the area of Bornholm and Christianso – 2, 3 and multiday cruises.

We dive on the following wrecks: Sailing ship Affire, Fu Shan Hai, Margarethe Cords. Whiskey submarine, Katherina Peppa, Mikkel Nielsen R154, Scottish schooner Ada, Koronowo (Polak)
Diving on Bornholm means great visibility, no nets or fishing lines, wrecks in ideal condition, depth 25-50 m, accommodation in marinas.

Diving on the Johannes Hevelius (JH) wreck

Johannes Hevelius was a ferry for trains and motor vehicles. It was built in 1977 in a Trosvik shipyard for the Polish Ocean Lines. On 14th January 1993, at 12:05 a.m. it began its last sea voyage. At that time it had 28 lorries, 10 train wagons and 64 people on deck. The wreck lies on the larboard and is marked with a black-red-black “JH” beacon Depth: 10-25 m

We embark on the boat at the Kołobrzeg harbor on Friday and we set off at around 10 p.m. Saturday morning, at around 6.00 a.m. we will reach Johannes Hevelius and during the day we will make 2 dives and perhaps, if everything goes smooth, we will even have a chance to make a 3rd dive. We go back at around 3 p.m. so that around 9 p.m. we can reach the waters near Kołobrzeg.

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